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About us

GodmodeX is an entertainment company providing entertainment to all ages through video games. We have all the latest equipment and games, we even have a gaming bus and truck with its own sound system. Whether you're a gamer or not we have something for you.


Why is the company called GodmodeX?


So many times we get asked what is Godmode and why we are called GodmodeX and the answer is a simple one:

Godmode Is a gaming language that goes back to the 90s or possibly before, Its a cheat or act in the game that makes player-characters invincible . For example in the game sonic when you get the stars around you or on mario collecting the yellow star for a short time your character becomes invincible and cannot be die AKA Godmode.


When I was starting the company I wanted a name that every gamer would relate to and being a lifelong gamer myself godmode has always been known to me😎. As for the X at the end that's simply down to the fact that when building the website was already taken so added the X as thought it sounds good🤔.

So there you have it😁. Please share this knowledge so the all non gamers around the world will have learned something new today🤗

Our Gamers


- For the competitive gamer we have all the favorites ready to go for you to challenge our friends and find out who really is the best.


- For the kids we have the best games ready for your party and be ready to be the coolest kid in your street as we role up to your house in our one of a kind video game bus.


- For the non gamer not to worry we will have something you can play, even if you have never played a game before you will enjoy games such as Justdance, Mario kart or even have a go at our VR (virtual reality)


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